Give me one day, Dallas. Get on my mat.

It really doesn't get better than connecting one on one with someone, does it? We've all been there: once you get past all the awkward intros, there's this easy conversation that ebbs and flows. It feels like an old friend.

When I found Robert Gardner online, there really didn't seem to be anything simple about him. I followed his Google footprint one late night when I became frustrated with an internal block: I was slamming my head against an emotional wall while studying Thai massage online. Robert had a lot of videos on YouTube! He said “make sense?” a lot. He was an all-or-nothing kind of guy it seemed, and I could not help but respect that. You need that in this world. It is called Passion. It was also good that he wasn't that far away: Austin trips were definitely in the cards.

The most compelling thing I found that late night, scrolling through Robert's Instagram, was this community bodywork event he talked about called “Thai Massage Jam” There he was, working on someone's glutes with that foot thing he does. Sounds kinda strange, right? He's listening to Tom Petty and joking around with the person receiving his work. Then you see people pair up and do what he's doing in the background. The more I watched, the more I wanted someone to step on my glutes! My squat workout had been killer earlier that day and I could feel the soreness creeping in.

Now, this was interesting. Although I lean towards being very introverted, what most introverts secretly want is to find their TRIBE.

Give me my people, World.

This was a way to create a community through a love of bodywork, touch, and pain relief. What can be better than that?

Picture this: You show up, pay a small entrance fee and you get to hangout and learn how to use your body to help people out of pain. You ALSO get to lay on a mat and have someone use their body to help YOU. This is playful community bodywork. It really doesn't get better than connecting with someone one-on-one, and hey! You don't even have to talk all that much (fellow Introverts, I'm talking to you!) We blast music, learn, give, feel better and do this weekly.

I am not really sure how much time has passed since I initially found Robert, but fast forward to now and I am ready to roll out that mats in Dallas.

This is a one of a kind of event I will host in Dallas in partnership with Robert Gardner and his other chapters of Thai Massage Jam.

In a world where there's an app that delivers everything to your door, why not rebel against that a little bit and connect with others in a positive way?

This totally Makes Sense.

Brenda is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Advocate for Attachment Based Relationships

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