Dallas Thai Massage Jam®

I had the honor of making it to what is now my second jam that's not the jam I run in Austin. To make sense of this realize that for 7 years I've run Thai massage jam® and only now is it spreading. To go into another community hang out with people and do work feels completely amazing. Wildest dream come true.

As I had someone completely new work on me I melted into the mat. She pulled pressed kneaded and started to find her center on a mat. She did great work and with both of my arms behind me in seated position was walking her feet up and down either side of my spine. She asked how it felt. I just said, "it feels great." She immediately replied, "this is So Much Easier On My Body!"

I just smile.

No matter what I say people will be skeptical until they use and feel the work. Another student blurted out, "Oh my god this is amazing! I get to learn and receive massage at the same time." I only smile.

In time there will be Thai massage jam® in every major city in the United States and massage therapists will finally unleash their true potential. Those students are just the beginning. Many thanks to Brenda Ovando and Karin Ricketts for holding down the fort in DFW. The revolution will not be televised but it's likely to be on instagram.

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